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Now that just about every business can be on a global scale, a business leader needs to get out there and travel the world. Fortunately, all Victorinox briefcases are designed to keep everything you need well protected and easily accessible. Pick the one that's right for you, pack it up with all your essential gear and get to work.

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  • LaSalle 13

LaSalle 13

black, 11 l
$ 249.00 $ 249.00
  • Lexington 15

Lexington 15

black, 17 l
$ 349.00 $ 349.00
  • 13'' Laptop Brief
  • 13'' Laptop Brief

13'' Laptop Brief

black, 9 l
$ 229.00 $ 229.00
  • 15'' Laptop Brief
  • 15'' Laptop Brief

15'' Laptop Brief

black, 16 l
$ 239.00 $ 239.00
  • Architecture Urban Bodmer 14
  • Architecture Urban Bodmer 14

Architecture Urban Bodmer 14

black, 11 l
$ 240.00 $ 240.00
  • Brunswick Laptop Brief

Brunswick Laptop Brief

black, 18 l
$ 285.00 $ 285.00
  • 2-Way Carry Laptop Bag
  • 2-Way Carry Laptop Bag

2-Way Carry Laptop Bag

black, 16 l
$ 309.00 $ 309.00
  • Crossbody Tablet Bag
  • Crossbody Tablet Bag

Crossbody Tablet Bag

black, 5 l
$ 134.00 $ 134.00
  • Crossbody Laptop Bag
  • Crossbody Laptop Bag

Crossbody Laptop Bag

black, 8 l
$ 164.00 $ 164.00
  • Werks Professional 2.0 Wheeled Business Brief

Werks Professional 2.0 Wheeled Business Brief

black, 35 l
$ 339.00 $ 339.00
  • Flapover Digital Bag

Flapover Digital Bag

black, 5 l
$ 39.99 $ 39.99
  • Shenton


black, 25 l
$ 439.00 $ 439.00

Perfectly organized for business

Laptop, tablet, smartphone, adapters, chargers, USB stick – the modern briefcase has essentially become a true multimedia bag. We do business anywhere and everywhere nowadays – on planes and trains, in co-working spaces or in cafes, so now more than ever you constantly need all your devices and documents at your fingertips. A Victorinox briefcase is a sound investment in a reliable business partner. No matter what size or features you are looking for, our briefcases are without exception high-performance, high-capacity all-rounders. Well-organized and durable under pressure, they help you manage every situation and look professional every time. Leave the clutter behind with our meticulous attention to detail. What this means in practice is how many features are packed into a briefcase and how this will help energize your professional development – the key points are all summarized for you below.

Smart organizational structure: Laptop compartment, mesh pockets, elastic loops, zippered back storage slot, separate outside pockets, every detail carefully thought out from A to Z, so that your business gear is well-organized, safely stored, and accessible at any time. Whether it’s 13", 14", or 15", Victorinox has the perfect briefcase for every format. For extra safety and convenience on the road, we offer our Swiss-engineered, shock-absorbing laptop protection system made of Lanidur fabric for our Victorinox LaSalle, Lexington, Shenton, and Century models.

Shoulder straps and handles: Today, flexibility is everything and this applies both to the globetrotting businessman and the briefcase by his side. Whether over the shoulder or hand carried, comfort should never be compromised and no briefcase should ever be seen as an unwelcome burden. If your new briefcase is going to pass the daily-use test, the handles need to fit snugly in your hand, so they can’t be too big or too small. By definition, shoulder straps must offer the most comfortable carry plus adjustability, and every single Victorinox briefcase passes this test with flying colors: with a durable finish and comfortable padding, our shoulder straps are easily adjustable and can be removed as required.

Seams and zippers: With any high-quality bag, you can immediately determine the quality by inspecting the seams and zippers. Plastic components, simple lock stitches, and loose threads are telltale signs of poor quality, the impact of which should not be underestimated. Water-resistant zippers are a positive sign; if this is one of the features on your priority list, you will appreciate the quality materials used in the Victorinox LaSalle, Victorinox Lexington, Victorinox Shenton, and Victorinox Century briefcase models.

Removable organizer: Victorinox has designed a removable organizer specifically for those travelers who take more than one bag on the road. This helps you keep key accessories like chargers, cables, USB sticks, etc. safely together in one place so they don’t get lost in a chaos of cables. With a tri-fold design that can also be rolled up, it’s extremely practical and can even fit into a flat portfolio.

Bag or upright briefcase: When your briefcase is also wheeled luggage, this design offers special benefits. Think: large. Victorinox Shenton, Victorinox Century, and Victorinox Werks Professional all set new standards for professional travel gear and bring substantial volume to the table, ranging from 25 to 35 liters. We have also come up with a laptop bag featuring a dual-carry system; it can either be carried conventionally or worn as a full backpack.

Ladies and Gentlemen: First things first – black is the color of choice, irrespective of gender, followed in second place by brown. We’ll be the first to admit that for style aficionados or minimalists, the classic leather bag will always be top of the list. In comparison, the modern multi-taskers made of lightweight, durable, and dirt-repellent high-tech materials offer a higher level of comfort, especially when traveling. Our conclusion: A briefcase for day-to-day use and a briefcase for traveling. The former has an elegant look, the latter a more casual one – an appealing compromise that is well worth thinking about.