What we do for sustainability

We are committed to innovation, to continuously improving our contribution to a better world by focusing on the three sustainable pillars: environment, society, and economy.

“Living up to our legacy as Makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife™, our aim naturally is to be successful over the long term by providing compelling products and services on the global market. But protecting and preserving the world for future generations is just as important. We therefore see it as our responsibility to make sure our operations and those of our suppliers support economically, environmentally and socially sustainable goals.”

Carl Elsener, CEO, Victorinox

Environmental goals – Careful use of resources

We care about the environment, and we aim to reflect that in every aspect of our business. Like using resources wisely to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Product development: recycled materials for high-quality products

  • Product packaging: minimal and recyclable

  • Product transportation: optimized and efficient

  • Product lifecycle: long-lasting and repairable

  • Operations: energy-saving and innovative

Social goals – strong commitment to solid values and business ethics

We are a family business with a long history and a clear vision. Our values guide everything we do, from how we treat our employees, partners, suppliers, colleagues and customers, to how we contribute to society and the environment:

  • Employees: attractive jobs, fair salary, generous benefits and training opportunities

  • Partners and suppliers: long-term partnerships, genuine commitment to social and environmental responsibility

  • Support for the Global Climate Expedition: inspiring young people to save our planet

Economic goals – securing the future of the company

We are an independent family company with a sustainable approach. We have taken steps to ensure the long-term stability and success of our company, as well as the welfare of our employees and society:

  • Victorinox Corporate Foundation: resolving succession issues and protecting jobs

  • Carl and Elise Elsener-Gut Foundation: supporting charitable projects

  • Assets and machinery: maintaining and modernizing

  • Sustainability strategy: improving and innovating

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