What we stand for

There are three attributes which clearly define what Victorinox stands for: best prepared, smart and masterful.

We at Victorinox believe that being prepared makes life better. And that’s why we seek smart solutions to everyday challenges. All our products and services have three attributes in common that define us as a brand and that are the driving force behind all of our actions.

Best Prepared

We believe that life is better when you are best prepared. Living up to our legacy as Makers of the Original Swiss Army KnifeTM, we’ve made it our mission to prepare you for everyday challenges. We create tools you can truly rely on, but reliability goes beyond just the products we make – it applies to every part of our business.


The solutions we deliver are carefully thought-out and simply serve their purpose expertly. We are perfectionists who pay attention to even the smallest detail, yet we’ll naturally gravitate to the solution that is the simplest. This is the reason you’ll see our iconic Swiss Army KnifeTM in design museums around the world, and we apply the same principle to all of our products.


We pursue excellence in all we do and for us, this is closely linked to our Swiss heritage. Mastery and craftsmanship have been part of our DNA since our founding in 1884. We marry our commitment to authenticity with an equally strong commitment to quality, and the result of this union are products which are durable, functional – and iconic.

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