26 Apr 2019

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Wine Master Damast Limited Edition 2019

Sophisticated. Wine-savy. Precise.

Fine wine deserves an equally fine tool. Ready to do the honors, the Wine Master Damast Limited Edition is in a class of its own. Featuring a Damast steel blade and smoked oak wood scales, 6000 serial-numbered pieces are ready for the picking in 2019. Smart and sophisticated, this tool is about to capture the attention of professional sommeliers, amateur gourmets and collectors around the globe.

Damascus is the finest steel employed by the traditional sword smith, a craftsmanship going back more than a thousand years. It results in blades of unusual toughness which can be honed to a sharp and resilient edge. For the large-sized knife of this limited edition, the Damast steel of choice is extremely durable Aegir DS93X™, produced in 333 layers. The serial number is lasered on the backside of the wooden scale and this prestigious blade can be unlocked with the steel Cross&Shield on the frontside.

Equally impressive, the scales are made from oak wood, traditionally used for barrels storing fine wines. To obtain an exquisite dark look, the wood is smoked. Thanks to Mother Nature, it varies in structure and color, making each of these collectors’ pieces unique.

Originally launched in 2017 in collaboration with Swiss wine expert Philipp Schwander, the Wine Master received the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award in 2018. The tool’s detail-driven precision reduces every required effort to a minimum. The long, sturdy corkscrew grips the cork securely and the foil cutter guarantees precise, clean cuts. Bottles never slip on account of the stable, two step lever which ensures the cork is safely removed. Once the wine is open and ready, the lock blade can be used to effortlessly cut through the owner’s favorite foods.

For a taste of the exceptional, the unique Wine Master Damast Limited Edition 2019 is the perfect tool to show off.