10 Feb 2020

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Victorinox Morning Dew

Inspired by Swiss nature, the fresh and aquatic scent of the new Victorinox Morning Dew fragrance is an homage to the beginning and magical beauty of each new day. The perfect wake-up call for women who like to feel revitalized for the day ahead, its freshness awakens their senses in a moment to be cherished.

Wearing Victorinox Morning Dew feels like getting up on an early summer morning and stepping outside into the peaceful and silent nature. The grass is covered by delicate dew drops, the air is clean and crisp and slowly the sun starts to rise. It is the time of day when all is still, offering a perfect opportunity to treasure the moment and focus on what really matters. Every day starts with the promise of a new beginning.

Aquatic freshness with a sheer citrus blend
“The creation of Morning Dew has led us on an incredible olfactive journey with the new generation perfumer Roxanne Kirkpatrick of Givaudan, one of the leading global fragrance houses”, states Carsten Kulcke, Chief Product Officer at Victorinox. “Perfectly enhancing our current Fragrance Collection, this new crisp, aquatic scent is for women all over the world who are strong and ambitious yet remain close to nature”.

Senses are awakened with a revitalizing aquatic accord and a sheer citrus blend of lemon, bergamot and mandarin. With a heart note of white violet and edelweiss, the scent spreads a breeze of clean alpine air. Musk, soft amber and white cedarwood finally ensure a sensual and smooth base.

A scent for the woman focusing on the important things in life
Victorinox Morning Dew is a scent created for the woman who is determined and mindful with a cosmopolitan outlook and striving to find happiness, fulfillment and freedom. She follows a conscious and healthy lifestyle, loves sports and the outdoors, enjoying and appreciating the spirit and the energy of nature.

Clean, elegant and fresh design
The design is clean and pure, inspired by morning dew itself. The combination of the round shaped glass flacon and the soft coloring in light blue perfectly underlines the unique and refreshing character of the scent.

Victorinox Morning Dew is available as an Eau de Toilette of 100ml.

All Victorinox fragrances are Swiss made, from product development to production with high-quality ingredients. They are available in Victorinox stores, in our online shop and in selected perfumeries worldwide.

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