20 Mar 2019

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Alox Limited Edition 2019

The Alox Limited Edition Celebrates 2019: Gold

The Alox Limited Edition of the Swiss Army Knives is reaching cult status thanks to its smart combination of functionality and aesthetics. For the 2019 limited edition, its signatory scales are enhanced by the special color of gold. These pocket knives are ideal as a gift for someone who has a special celebration in 2019, or simply to be enjoyed by eager collectors and Victorinox aficionados around the globe. Each item has the year on the back and comes with its own certificate in an elegant gift box.

What makes these knives so unique is their ribbed surface on the scales, easy to grip and visually attractive. The scales are punched from aluminium, embossed and then anodized in a subsequent process stage. The Eloxal process uses anodic oxidation to create a protective layer and gives the scales its color. This layer of oxide is hard and provides additional scale protection against damage and corrosion.

The Classic, Cadet and Pioneer pocket knives will be available within the gold Limited Edition in 2019.

At a length of just 58 millimeters, the Classic Alox features a blade, a nail file, a screwdriver, scissors and a key ring. This makes it an ideal companion for everyday use.

The Cadet Alox, at a compact length of 84 millimeters, is the “gentleman” of the Alox range – it features a nail file including a nail cleaner, along with a large blade and other useful tools such as a bottle opener and a can opener.

The Pioneer Alox is an exceptionally reliable tool that customers can count on wherever they go. The 93 millimeter model includes a blade, a reamer, punch, a can opener (with small screwdriver), a bottle opener (with a screwdriver and wire stripper) and a key ring.

Of course, these pocket knives are only available in 2019. Virtually indestructible, the Alox Limited Edition 2019 is meant for a lifetime of use.

All of these three pocket knife models match perfectly with the upcoming launch of the Lexicon Hardside luggage in gold in April 2019.

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