24 Apr 2020

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A Unique blade for an exclusive knife

The Hunter Pro Alox Damast Limited Edition 2020 features the largest blade of all Victorinox Damast Limited Editions to date. With only 6000 pieces worldwide, this elegant masterpiece is a must-have for collectors and fans of the brand around the globe.

This extraordinary limited edition puts a spotlight on the pyramidal blade, superbly set off by the prominent Damascus pattern. A perfect representation of ancient craftmanship, Damascus steel is known for its hardness thanks to the layering of different kinds of steel. To make this iconic knife even more special, the 6000 worldwide limited pieces are sequentially numbered and lasered with the production year on the back.

The Damascus steel chosen for the Hunter Pro Alox Damast Limited Edition 2020 consists of 125 layers, revealing an exceptional pyramidal pattern. It smartly combines corrosion resistance, superior strength and an eye-catching look. Damascus steel has enjoyed a very popular role in the history of Victorinox. For many years, several special editions of limited Swiss Army Knives have been produced using various types of Damast steel.

To perfectly match the remarkable blade, the ergonomically shaped scales come in an elegant metallic copper brown and are made of embossed aluminum treated with an anodic oxidation process. The angular placement of the silver Cross&Shield underlines the knife’s modern design as well as its heritage. The blade lock release is cleverly integrated into the back of the knife. The result is an extremely lightweight and durable tool, designed to accentuate its effortless functionality with elegance and simplicity.

Victorinox prides itself on more than 130 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality knives in Switzerland and guarantees all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel. The blade of the Hunter Pro Alox Damast Limited Edition 2020 is manufactured from stainless high-quality DSC® SuperClean Damast steel with 62 HRC. Each item has a lifetime guarantee against any defects in material and workmanship.

The Hunter Pro Alox Damast Limited Edition 2020 can be purchased in specialty shops, Victorinox stores and online. Like most of the iconic Victorinox tools, this knife can be personalized upon request with one’s own personal engraving. All knives fulfill the well-known and very high Victorinox quality standards and are 100% Swiss Made.

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