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Just like the famous Swiss Army Knife unfolds its blades to reveal successive layers of ingenious functions, the I.N.O.X. further expands its adaptability. It is a modular and multidisciplinary toolbox featuring as many accessories as personalities.

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Compass Bumper

Highly inspired by cellphone cases, the removable I.N.O.X. bumper adopts its fundamental features: protective and distinctive. Easily adjusted to the case of the I.N.O.X. watch, it perfectly hugs its contours. In red, blue, black or translucent gray, it transforms the timepiece as much as it prevents your watch from the scratches of daily wear. The four cardinal points make it a compass and you can use it while wandering in the woods.

Paracord Strap

Originally used for parachute suspension lines, paracord meets the rigorous standards of the American army. Its breaking point is an impressive 250 kg. The nylon cord is comprised of an outer sheath and seven strands which, when individually unravelled, can be used to craft a fishing net, replace a shoelace or form a bow drill for making fire. The strap can be transformed for every use and situation imaginable.

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