Ultimate Functionality Paracord Strap

Paracord Strap

The paracord strap has the potential to be an ultra-versatile survival tool: it can be used to improvise a fishing line for example.

Original, innovative and unique

The paracord strap is original, innovative and unique, plus it’s woven with highly resistant multi-strand nylon cord. The ideal companion for every adventure, the paracord strap can be unwoven and used for many purposes.

Functional and versatile

Originally used for parachute suspension lines, paracord used for men’s straps complies with the standards of US military. Its breaking point is an impressive 250 kg. The nylon cord is comprised of an outer sheath and seven strands which when individually unraveled can be used for every purpose in any unexpected situation.

I.N.O.X. with paracord Strap

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