I.N.O.X.: A Watch for Every Situation

Boasting all the strengths of the I.N.O.X. watch, the I.N.O.X. with the Paracord Strap is a true survival tool, both practical and functional.

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The Essence of Victorinox


A watch embodying the history of a pioneering brand that creates objects characterized by ultimate functionality and uncompromising quality.

Paracord Strap

Originally used for parachute suspension lines, paracord meets the rigorous standards of the American army. Its breaking point is an impressive 250 kg. The nylon cord is comprised of an outer sheath and seven strands which, when individually unravelled, can be used to craft a fishing net, replace a shoelace or form a bow drill for making fire. The strap can be transformed for every use and situation imaginable.

Steel bracelet

Ingenious construction and very carefully considered aesthetics give this bracelet its distinctive quality and functionality. Up to 500,000 vibration cycles won’t damage it—that’s 10 times more than a standard bracelet can withstand. It also features mechanical tolerance to a 10-meter fall on a concrete surface and to a constant hydraulic pressure of 8 tons, which we illustrated by driving a 64-ton tank over it!

Leather Strap

Cut from a single piece of black or brown leather with integrated lining, its V-shaped silhouette recalls the blade of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, stamped with the iconic “Cross & Shield” logo. The shock-resistant monobloc dial featuring stamped hour-markers offers a new interpretation with a grained finish. Its sandy mineral shade of warm grey, gives it warmth and depth.

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