14 May 2018

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Pioneer Nespresso Dharkan – Victorinox launches new limited-edition of the “Original Swiss Army Knife”

Both Victorinox and Nespresso are iconic Swiss brands and the embodiment of pioneering innovations. This not only includes the development of new products, but also their sustainable production. Both companies attach a great deal of value to the careful handling of resources. For example, Victorinox uses 100% recycled steel in the manufacture of its knives, as less energy is consumed in the processing stage when using this material. The widespread collection and recycling system for coffee capsules in Switzerland is just one way in which Nespresso demonstrates its environmental awareness.

To mark 25 years of aluminum capsule recycling in 2016, Victorinox and Nespresso collaborated in an extraordinary manner. The “Pioneer Nespresso Arpeggio” was the first pocket knife to bear a robust aluminum casing made entirely from recycled capsules of the popular Grand Cru Arpeggio coffee variety, with a shimmering dark-purple finish. This was followed a year later by the release of another coveted collector’s item in the form of the “Pioneer Nespresso Livanto”, which came in a warm brown design. Both models were limited edition and in great demand.

The intent for this year is to build on the success of the two previous knives. The new “Pioneer Nespresso Dharkan” model in a dark-blue finish will be released on May 17, 2018, just in time to celebrate International Recycling Day. The remarkable coloring of this knife is not the only detail that catches the eye; the seven practical tools also boost its popularity. Thanks to its durability and extreme resilience, the particularly high material strength of its welds and blades, and its tried and tested mechanics too, Victorinox's Pioneer series is the epitome of a stable, versatile pocket tool.

The limited-edition knife is exclusively available from Victorinox stores and the Victorinox Online Shop. Due to the continuing huge interest in this recycled knife, the model will now also be released in additional selected foreign markets of both companies.

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