Victorinox received an award from the Swiss Environmental Foundation in 2008, in recognition of the efforts made to preserve our habitats. This award has motivated the entire company to take a sustainable approach to the environment and its resources.

Our investment in the future? We care about mankind and the environment

Is that because of our Swiss roots? Our 130-year history? Or is it simply because of our deep connection with nature? The fact is that we have always felt an obligation to treat our resources and our staff responsibly.

Discover everything we are doing in the field of sustainability and the awards we have won for this over the years.

Profile about everything we are doing in the field of sustainability

Get an overview of how we are focusing on sustainability in our products and our production.

More detailed information about our sustainability

Would you like to learn more? Find out more and learn where Victorinox is committed to sustainability all over the world.

Labels and prizes

We repeatedly receive prizes for everything we do in the areas of innovation, sustainability, and social commitment. Which ones? You can learn more here.

The Pioneer pocket knife for Nespresso

Discover how we developed the Alox scales for the Pioneer pocket knife from empty, used Nespresso capsules.

Alongside the subject of sustainability, there are still plenty of exciting things to discover at Victorinox. Find out more!

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