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On The Go: Four Tips for Studying or Working on the Move

Our digitally connected world has impacted how we study. Just as working remotely has become ever more popular, students today are as likely to be found cramming in a café or on a train as they are in a library. Many students even choose to study remotely via an e-learning platform, leaving them completely free to choose the time, location and duration of each study session. Safe to say that the times of mortarboards and chalky blackboards are well and truly over.

Likewise, flexible office space with no fixed desks is becoming ever more popular in companies around the world. So how can you ensure optimum performance in a world that offers you maximum flexibility yet little structure and routine? As we prepare for the coming term, here are our four tips for success:

1. Be Organized

Obvious, but true. If you are studying on the move, you need to ensure you are carrying as little as possible, but as much as necessary. This is where a multi-tool can come in handy, meaning you’ll never be without scissors, torch or pen again. But obviously the best way to be organized when studying on the go is to have a great backpack, which is designed to be easy to pack, which protects your laptop or tablet and which has plenty of pockets to keep smaller items handy at all times.

2. Use Every Spare Minute

When revising for an exam, repetition is the key to your success. Print out your key notes or make audio notes on your mobile phone. Whenever you have five minutes to spare, go over them again, whether you are on the train or at a desk.
Experts claim that studying in different locations is beneficial, because it provides your brain with more memory cues to recall the information in an exam or test situation.

3. Be Disciplined

If you don’t have the structure of a regular routine, a fixed location to study or your own desk in the office, you need to be disciplined. Taking extra time to pack and prepare before you leave the house is a must, as is rigorous planning of your schedule and the time allotted to studying. A precision timepiece is your best friend here, especially one that’s designed to be robust and durable.

4. Flexibility is your Friend

With mobile learning, who knows when the inspiration to study will hit you. Maybe you’ll pass a café that looks particularly welcoming. Maybe you’ll visit an exhibition or a museum which will trigger your creative juices. So it’s important to have equipment that is as flexible and as versatile as you are. Be sure to choose a backpack that it is water-resistant for unexpected weather, that is comfortable to carry around all day and can slide over the handle of your wheeled luggage for longer journeys. Because every student needs a good bag that will be useful in as many different situations as possible.


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