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Speed, adrenaline, and a sense of freedom – no wonder so many people are fascinated by aviation. True enthusiasts wear this passion not only in their heart, but also on their wrist. For those we have created our aviator watches. Because only they can understand how essential the precise engineer’s art and fastest legibility are, so that every adventure in your everyday life will achieve a successful landing.

With an expert’s passion, we would like to explain to you what distinguishes a Victorinox pilot’s watch, over and above its absolute reliability and emotional values, and how much passion goes into every one of our models...

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For all those who want to aim high:
Victorinox pilot’s watches

Robust case, large illuminated numerals and hands, sporty instrumentation – just a single glance is sufficient for collectors and connoisseurs to identify the character and style of a pilot’s watch. The design demonstrates clarity and vision; the function promises determination and precision. In short: a pilot’s watch on your wrist is a statement piece and the man wearing it is not a gambler. He has clear objectives in his sights and knows at all times exactly how to achieve them. Every pilot’s watch from Victorinox is a homage to the pioneers of the air; developed for men who want to aim high and yet remain uncompromisingly grounded at the same time.

The highest engineering art – a homage to the pioneers of aviation:
The history of pilot’s watches, as we now know them, goes back to the Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos Dumont. The decisive factor in this was the unsuitability of the pocket watches common at that time, which were extremely difficult to read correctly and reliably while flying. This led to the creation of the “Cartier Santos” model, which is still made to this day and characterises the distinctive design of aviation watches.

Unwavering precision – despite all the challenges of everyday life:
Vibration, temperature fluctuations, magnetic charges, moisture; first generation pilot’s watches were exposed to extreme stresses, and the challenge was to protect the movement from these external influences and guarantee uncompromising precision. Nowadays the circumstances have changed; a pilot’s watch rarely has to replace a malfunctioning onboard computer in practice; it is frequently worn outside the cockpit and yet, the demand for accuracy and reliability in a pilot’s watch is as essential now as it ever has been.

Sporty look to the instrumentation – unmistakably masculine in character:
The case, bezel, hands and dial of a pilot’s watch are designed to be large, clear and robust, irrespective of the specific model. They want to be seen and will attract plenty of attention. This aura emphasises their masculine touch – and that’s why wearing them is so popular among men and women. Unlike diving watches, with pilot’s watches the rotatable bezel can be moved in both directions. Pilots use the additional minute display as a navigation aid and they read the number of flight minutes from the bezel. For this purpose the zero is set on the minute hand.

Tried and tested concepts – individual strengths:
Alliance, I. N. O. X, Maverick, AirBoss – with our aviation watches Victorinox relies on tried and tested design and strong basic character. Fans of mechanical movements will find what they’re looking for too, just like all those who appreciate a modern, colourful design and wear their good mood on their wrist. Added to that are the functional aspects that serve individual requirements and a whole spectrum of variable parameters within every range. Because multifunctionality has been our promise since the invention of the Swiss Army Knife and we stand by that promise with our brand.

Individual statement – stylistically confident and clear in its own standards:
A pilot’s watch from Victorinox is always an individual statement as well. A commitment to Swissness, design and individuality. Because a pilot leaves nothing to chance, even on safe ground, and always expects over a hundred percent from a watch, just as from themselves. That’s also why our watches are equipped with exclusive extras that enhance their comfort and usefulness, even if you don’t need a carbon case tested in space, a survival paracord strap or a USB-chargeable flashlight every day.

Our reference for excellence – our company’s own Competence Centre in Delémont:
How can a second time zone and a perpetual calendar be integrated harmoniously into the design of the dial? What should the features of the case be like for aviation watches? What materials have future potential? And what can we make even better? The questions our watch experts grapple with every day range from the most fundamental right down to the very smallest detail.

Victorinox pilot’s watches – order online:
Whether you’re looking for business watches, diving watches, classic pilot’s watches or pilot’s chronograph watches, an automatic or a mechanical watch, evergreen or limited edition, men’s watches from the Victorinox brand always come with the label of exclusivity and will give you pleasure for a long time. Choose your personal favourite model in our online shop window or get comprehensive advice from a Victorinox flagship store or an authorised specialist dealer near you, and test the functions right on the spot.