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Just like you, these professional watches have only one objective: to deliver excellent work. And, just like you, these watches are true to certain values: they respect tradition, strive for perfection, and handle every job with style. Swiss Made, with the best materials and perfect design. Only for people whose watch makes the world tick.

We’d like to explain in more detail what needs to be kept in mind in terms of dress codes and matters of style, and why with business professional watches from Victorinox you will demonstrate genuine style at all times.

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Commitment to confident understatement:
Victorinox business watches

Regardless of the smartwatch or the digital age, in the world of business the classic business watch remains the unrivalled and undisputed first choice. It completes your business suit, emphasises your status and conveys tradition and reliability. In this context that makes it an accessory that expresses the personality and position of its wearer and there are one or two points that need to be considered here. The professional dress code demands restraint and its focus is on intrinsic value. In terms of confidence and integrity, the saying goes: less is more. For that reason, extra adornment should largely be dispensed with. Whether they’re women’s or men’s watches, minimalist timepieces, a chronograph or diving watch, our business watches – including analogue watches – from Victorinox equip global players with timeless style and also come with a range of recommended qualities that set benchmarks in matters of design and functionality.

Their characteristic – discreet minimalism of design:
Business watches –also known as dress watches – are distinguished by their concentration on the essentials. The archetypes for these models are the classic analogue watches, reduced to three hands for the hours, minutes and seconds. The tendency towards purism gives this wristwatch style and makes it extremely versatile while being able to outlast any trend. Victorinox has expanded this range from such classics to include more complex models with additional features of greater intricacy so you are assured of perfect timing in business at all times.

The watch movement – the pulse of the classic timepiece:
By preference, our Swiss men’s watches for business are designed with a flat case so that they can be worn comfortably with a shirt and don’t encumber your cuffs. That’s why in this field we mainly focus on slim, high-performance analogue quartz movements, but for enthusiasts we also have some mechanical models in the range. Irrespective of this, precision and reliability are guaranteed for a long service life.

The bracelet or strap – in harmonious union with other accessories:
In the world of business – and especially at the higher levels – men prefer to wear stainless steel or leather on their wrist. This is not a matter of fashion, but there are primarily two practical reasons – both materials look elegant without being too obtrusive, and they are easy to combine with other colours. The look should be consistent with other accessories, such as a belt, briefcase and wallet, and match their style. The black leather strap is a classic, but other variants may also be worn. Business watches in the Victorinox Swiss men’s watches collection are available with an optional stainless steel bracelet in silver or two-tone, a leather strap in black, brown, blue or grey, and in natural rubber in black, white, blue and dark green.

The proportions – for the perfect overall impression:
The size of the wearer’s wrist determines the perfect size for the watch. This is generally defined by the diameter of the case, but in practice is strongly dependent on the design or the interplay of the individual elements. The lug width and measurement from lug end to lug end, the ratio of the bezel and dial and the colour all affect the overall impression and make the watch appear bulkier or slimmer, depending on the design. The effect is at times surprising and can be seen, for example, in a direct comparison with the Alliance in the different colour variations. The fit is also critical, because a men’s wristwatch should not pinch or hang too loosely; this too is regarded as an unspoken rule at the professional level.

The unisex target group – expression of a modern sense of time:
Although Victorinox offers a carefully considered selection of business watches for women, we fully believe that the boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, just as in today’s business world. If the proportions and style are correct, a Victorinox men’s watch also looks good on a woman’s wrist. It is solely a matter of taste and personal style. While XXL formats are very popular among women, men tend to aim for objective balance.

Unique design – committed to the history and origin of the brand:
Whether these are formal allusions, such as the shape of the hands in the form of the Swiss Army Knife in the Alliance Sports for men, or national references, such as the use of Swarovski crystals in the Alliance Small for women, business watches from Victorinox combine an unmistakable, exclusive design with a clear statement of our homeland. Made in Switzerland is the guiding value of our identity and a key quality promise – yesterday and today.

Victorinox business watches – order online:
The design, functions, size and price – whatever criteria determine your decision, set the search filters to your preferences, visualise an image directly on the screen or get advice in person at a Victorinox flagship store. Choosing a high-quality wristwatch is a long-term decision – take the necessary time in peace and quiet to think about it carefully. That way you will enjoy your business watch from Victorinox for a long time.