Classic SD Alox


$ 34.00excl. tax
Classic SD Alox-0.6221.255G
Classic SD Alox - 0.6221.255G
Classic SD Alox - 0.6221.255G
Classic SD Alox - 0.6221.255G

Key features

  • A compact multifunctional tool housing all the essentials

  • Swiss made pocket knife with 5 functions and high-grade Alox scales

  • Includes scissors, nail file and a screwdriver

Product Details


Blade, small / Nail file / Screwdriver 2.5 mm / Scissors / Key ring


Height: 0.2 in

Length: 2.3 in

Width: 0.7 in

Weight: 0.6 oz


Material: Alox

Blade lockable: False

One hand blade: False

No. of features: 5

Color: Brown


This product is covered by Victorinox Lifetime warranty

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