Swiss Unlimited

Aromatic Fragrance for Men.

Victorinox Swiss Unlimited

We created the Swiss Unlimited Collection for those who call the world home. Its aromatic character captures the feeling you get every time you leave the familiar behind to forge a path through the unknown – no matter whether a new city or a new mountain trail. It's the scent of ultimate freedom.

Swiss Unlimited (2)

  • 75 ml

Swiss Unlimited Eau de Toilette

75 ml
CHF 63.00 CHF 63.00
  • 250 ml

Swiss Unlimited Shower Gel

250 ml
CHF 38.50 CHF 38.50

Olfactory Description

A light, aromatic scent with a very fresh top note that smoothly reveals a pleasant woody base note. The main ingredients of génépi, absinthe and silver fir pay homage to the flora of the homeland alpine region.