Modular Liner System: Always Be Prepared

Customize your wardrobe with our clever snap-in layering system, designed to create clothes as flexible as you are.

Our Modular Liner System Collection

The Modular Liner System is as multi-functional as the Swiss Army Knife which inspired it. Combining iconic design with complete versatility, this revolutionary concept allows you to adapt your wardrobe to the changing weather. It’s the ideal companion for everyday adventures.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Discover how our Modular Liner System works

How it works: the Modular Liner System is a unique snap-in layering system which offers both adaptability and style. Take one of 12 foundation items. Wear alone or combine with up to 11 unique additional pieces, creating as many as 132 sleek yet comfortable combinations.

The Modular Liner System epitomizes our philosophy: the innovative fusion of practical functionality with intelligent design. With durability and versatility built in, it also delivers sustainability and value.

Try out the Modular Liner System and the difference will be clear: you’ll appreciate the feeling of being appropriately dressed no matter the weather, be it for a business meeting or an outdoor adventure. These will not only become wardrobe staples, but will be pieces you’ll love, time and time again.

Modular Liner System: When to wear it

Adjust your wardrobe according to the season and the climate.
  1. Durable, soft, water repellent Ottoman canvas fabric
  2. 100 gm Thermore® eco-insulation for optimal warmth
  3. Swiss military quilting