Designed by professionals, for professionals Fibrox Knives

Victorinox Fibrox Knives

The Fibrox collection by Victorinox is a series that has been designed by professionals, for professionals. While being the perfect companion in any chef's kitchen, these knives are just as prized by home cooks. Slice, dice and chop your way through your food with this collection of high-quality pieces that combine comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handles with easy-to-sharpen blades and a long service life. Voilà.

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  • Fibrox In-Drawer Knife Holder

Fibrox In-Drawer Knife Holder

  • Fibrox Carving Knife

Fibrox Carving Knife

black, 19 cm
  • Fibrox Kitchen Cleaver

Fibrox Kitchen Cleaver

black, 18 cm
  • Fibrox Boning Knife

Fibrox Boning Knife

black, 15 cm
  • Fibrox Filleting Knife Flexible

Fibrox Filleting Knife Flexible

black, 20 cm
  • Filleting Knife

Filleting Knife

black, 18 cm
  • Fibrox Pastry Knife

Fibrox Pastry Knife

black, 26 cm
  • Fibrox Carving Knife Extra Wide

Fibrox Carving Knife Extra Wide

black, 20 cm
  • Fibrox Carving Knife

Fibrox Carving Knife

black, 25 cm
  • Fibrox Chinese Chef's Knife

Fibrox Chinese Chef's Knife

black, 18 cm