Our Design Approach

Our iconic Swiss Army Knife™ has become a global design icon, thanks to the incredible functionality it packs into its compact form. It’s been called one of the “most significant global design icons” by Wallpaper*, the British design magazine, thanks to its pleasing combination of simplicity and versatility that fits straight into your pocket.

Iconic status

Its iconic status has been confirmed by design museums around the world – from the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Design Museum in London, to the Neue Sammlung Design Museum in Munich and the Swiss National Museum in Zürich.

Our Swiss Army Knives have also won the Red Dot Design Award on several occasions, most recently for our Evoke and Classic Precious Alox collections. We also both collaborate with and inspire artists and designers, like our recent and groundbreaking collaboration with Off-White.

Pioneer X Alox

The Pioneer X is the first Pioneer Swiss Army Knife ever to feature a pair of precision scissors. They're perfect for opening packages, snipping string, clipping out articles and so much more. They make an excellent addition to a pocket knife that already includes a versatile steel blade, a sharpened reamer and a host of other functions. And you'll find them all in the same beautifully designed, remarkably durable and exceptionally resilient package that so many people have come to love.

CHF 55.00

Our Swiss Army Knives: Expert and intelligent functionality

What is it about the design of the Swiss Army Knife™ that makes it so special? Our approach is guided by the “design follows function” principle. We pride ourselves in making products that offer the maximum functionality, helping you to be best prepared for everyday life situations. We combine this with high-quality materials and a commitment to sustainability create premium products that truly ensure you‘re always best prepared for life’s challenges.

Living up to our legacy as Makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife™, we employ the same expertise and meticulous pursuit of excellence we put in our Swiss Army Knives in all of other product categories too.

Our Cutlery: Ergonomic, performance-driven design

Our Cutlery is made using only best-in-class materials, from the precision blades to the ergonomic handles. Our ergonomic, performance-driven designs are carefully thought out and simply serve their purpose perfectly. The result is that our sharp, lightweight and balanced cutlery ensures you‘re always best prepared to be a masterful chef.

I.N.O.X. Chrono

Stay in control of your time with a watch that strikes the perfect balance between understated strength and intelligent design. Quietly assured and reliably accurate, the I.N.O.X. Chrono encapsulates a sense of freedom and calm. With its case and bezel composed of 60–70% recycled stainless steel plus anti-scratch coating for the bezel, this expertly crafted chronograph is finished with a sleek, comfortable rubber strap.

CHF 695.00

Our Watches: Uncompromising quality and precision

Just like our knives, our Watches are engineered and manufactured with uncompromising quality and attention to detail. We’ve incorporated many references to the pocket knife within the design of our timepieces – like the second hand counterweight crafted in the shape of the Swiss Army Knife™ or the angles of the case that reference the way a Swiss Army Knife™ carves a piece of wood. But it’s the versatility that comes from details like tool-free changeable straps and the quality that comes from our rigorous testing that descend directly from the design approach set by our most iconic product, the Swiss Army Knife™. And with testing that exceeds industry standards, our watches ensure you‘re always best prepared to master your time.

Spectra 3.0 Expandable Global Carry-On

Crafted with SORPLAS™, a high performance recycled polycarbonate, the Spectra 3.0 Expandable Global Carry-On puts practicality and performance, first. Durable, stylish and full of versatile storage options, this case makes travel a breeze. The expansion system offers up to 20% additional capacity, and a front-opening quick-access compartment stores your business essentials. This is what freedom feels like.

CHF 495.00

Our Travel Gear: Intelligent and organized travel solutions

Our Travel Gear products are made with high quality materials, premium components and built-in reliability that means you can always travel with peace of mind. The products offer intelligent solutions to all your travel needs, from expandability to built-in organization, so that you are always best prepared to make every journey effortless.


A precious gift from nature: Quartz exudes a unique elemental energy. A fragrance of refined complexity, mineral led in its olfactory DNA, yet surprisingly radiant. Inspired by shards of light piercing the geometric form of pure quartz, it intertwines resinous notes of fir balsam with ozonic Swiss Quartzite accord, fresh clary sage and smoked Labdanum Vulcain. Discover the olfactory secret of the Swiss mountains. Experience elementary attraction.

CHF 89.00

Our Fragrances: Pureness, simplicity and natural origin ingredients

In recent years, our Fragrances have been relaunched, with a new packaging design that strengthens both brand appearance and sustainability, underlining the importance of design across all of our product categories. From the design of the packaging and flacon to the contents within, our fragrances are designed to ensure you are always best prepared to feel composed on every occasion.

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