12 Nov 2018


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This is what cooking is all about today

Whether it’s a food blog, a hobby chef, or a real connoisseur: more and more people are taking an interest in food, food preparation, and eating. Appreciation of food is a trend, increasingly among the younger generation as well. On October 31, 2018, gourmet chef Nenad Mlinarevic, restaurateur Vania Kukleta, and Victorinox Chief Product Officer Toni Haberthür discussed the effect of these trends on everyone involved in gastronomy at the Victorinox Round Table talk. The moderator was Marina Villa.

“It is no longer just about eating,” Vania Kukleta said, referring to her experience in gastronomy and the event scene. “People want to be able to identify with what they are eating; they want to know where it comes from. Storytelling is very important in the food sector.” With projects such as the Street Food Festival, the Zürcher Wienachtsdorf in Bellevue Square, and the Heiliger Bimbam! Christmas market, they are creating platforms for all those who offer exciting products.

“We try not to chase short-lived trends, but rather seek out long-term trends,” says Victorinox product manager Toni Haberthür. The young chef Nenad Mlinarevic takes the same line: “Bauernschänke aims to be a modern restaurant, but our kitchen should be open to everyone and offer enjoyment without rules. I aspire to offer my guests timeless dishes that will still be eaten and enjoyed in 20 years’ time.”

For him, consistency is more important than creativity.

The topic of sustainability also plays a large role in all areas relating to the enjoyment of food. “We must deal with the resources available to us,” says Vania Kukleta. “We will have to concern ourselves with questions such as, ‘How do I use leftovers in the kitchen’ or ‘How do I organize an event that reduces trash production to a minimum?’ even more in the future.”

When asked by the moderator what a good knife should be able to do, Nenad Mlinarevic immediately has an answer ready:

“A good knife must fulfill three criteria: it must have a good cutting edge, sit well in the hand, and have a beautiful design.” He treasures a very special connection with Victorinox knives: “When I began my training at 16, the first knife I held in my hands was from Victorinox. To this day, the knives have accompanied me everywhere,” explained the young chef from Zurich.

Input from professionals like Nenad is essential to product development for Victorinox knives, acknowledges Toni Haberthür. “It is a long way from the concept to the product.” Through a partnership with Nenad, Victorinox was part of his exciting project at the Stadthalle. Knives from the Swiss Modern collection were used in the kitchen and at the table. “It was like a test run, because the experiences there let us give the knives the ultimate polish and let us perfect them even further visually and qualitatively,” Haberthür added.