Victorinox and the Lazy Gardener

Get tips from Remo Vetter also known as the Lazy Gardener and you too can enjoy fresh food on your doorstep.

"I admit it – one of the main reasons why I like gardening so much is quite simple: I love eating and I like knowing where a product comes from as well as how it is grown. Can any pleasure ever be more intense than when you know the tomato in your salad was freshly picked from your own balcony an hour ago? For me it feels like pure luxury, not to mention the time it saves if I have something fresh and succulent to offer when guests drop by. Here are my seasonal tips to make the most of your urban garden."

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A brief biography of Remo Vetter “The Lazy Gardener”

Born in Basel in 1956, Remo ran an international company selling natural products for over 35 years. He’s now in demand as a garden designer, consultant and author and has created many successful garden projects in Switzerland, England and Ireland.

  • Self-employed since 2018.
  • Lectures in Switzerland and abroad exploring sustainability, our interconnected natural world, and finding meaning in life.
  • Numerous appearances in radio, TV and print media in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Monthly columns in various magazines.

His book “The Lazy Gardener und seine Gartengeheimnisse” Achieving Better Results in Your Organic Garden with Little Effort is available from atVerlag ISBN 978-3-03800-941-2

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