Simply Swiss Swiss Qualities at Victorinox

More Than Just Yodeling: the Four Qualities That Make the Swiss So Swiss!

Most Swiss will be quick to tell you that Switzerland is about so much more than cowbells and yodeling, and on August 1st every year, the Swiss take an appreciative look at what makes Switzerland so special, when we celebrate our Swiss National Day.

Swiss quality is one concept which is recognized and appreciated around the world, but to celebrate this year’s Swiss National Day, we take a playful look at some of the most renowned Swiss qualities – the attributes that are considered typically Swiss, and what these mean for Victorinox, where we wear our Swiss heritage with pride.

The Innovation Nation

There’s simply no denying that the Swiss are innovative and Switzerland has held the top position in the Global Innovation Index for the past eleven years. There are a few reasons for this – political stability or high levels of collaboration between industry and universities, but maybe the Swiss just have a pioneering spirit. Ever since our founder, Karl Elsener, patented the first Swiss Army Knife, innovation has been held dear at Victorinox. Nowhere is this clearer than with our latest innovation: the I.N.O.X. Mechanical with its wrist strap made from wood.

Punctuality Is Prized

It’s become a bit of a joke that the Swiss are so punctual. Visitors to Switzerland note with amusement how indignant the locals can get on the rare occasion that a Swiss train arrives 3 minutes late. It’s no wonder then that Swiss watches are so valued, not just for their craftsmanship and artisanry, but also for their precision and accuracy. Victorinox watches are not only highly precise but also highly durable, having been put through 130 endurance tests, which mean they’ll help you stay as punctual as the Swiss in all kinds of situations.

Precise Is Nice

The Swiss are usually considered to be very precise. Of course, this has both positive and negative connotations – high levels of precision can leave little room for spontaneity or improvisation. But it is this precision which helps to foster innovation or to produce high quality products which are loved all around the world. If there’s one thing Victorinox is known for, it’s the precision of our blades, carefully honed with the expertise we’ve amassed for over 130 years. Our Swiss Modern knives are made from wear-resistant stainless steel and are ultra-sharp, allowing you to cut effortlessly and above all with total precision.

Tactically Practical

Being practical is almost a national religion in Switzerland. There’s a well-known Swiss saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” which sums up in a nutshell the Swiss attitude – with the right gear, you can be prepared for anything. As makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, we’ve got practicality covered, but our latest addition takes things a step further. We took the practical and functional design of a pocket knife and applied it to a travel spray, meaning you can easily transport your favorite fragrance with you, whether you are going through airport security or for a hike in the hills.

I.N.O.X. Mechanical

blue, 43 mm
$ 795.00

Refillable Fragrance Spray

4.5 ml
$ 18.00

I.N.O.X. Professional Diver

red, 45 mm
$ 595.00