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Mix and Match: Stylish Nomads Mia and Thies Show The Versatility of our Vx Touring Coated Bags

Mia is smiling directly into the camera, hat perched stylishly on her head with her small son Neon, strapped to her back. Behind her, the Antelope Canyons are the stunning backdrop. Thies explains how millions of years of water and wind have shaped these dramatic canyons.

This is everyday life for the founders of Uberding, a blog and print magazine devoted to travel, style, sport, health and tech, amongst other things. This has been Mia and Thies’s dream since its founding in 2008. They say that they are writing for people just like them: travelers with a lust for life, a wide range of interests and a taste for the aesthetic.

This then makes them the perfect partners to showcase our new Vx Touring Coated collection. Premium backpacks designed for those with active lifestyles, the unstructured design makes it easy to pack, whilst the framing tubes are filled with ultra-strong fiberglass rods, to provide structure without adding weight.

On the outside, the material is a water-repellent, abrasion-resistant, ripstop fabric, whilst on the inside, the silver lining is highly tear-resistant, making it ideal for adventures, tough weather conditions and sporting activities.

Above all, Mia and Thies love the versatility of these bags – stylish enough for urban living, but tough enough for all kinds of activities. “We often just throw a bag into our VW Combi van and hit the road” says Mia. “The Vx Touring Coated Duffel is large enough for our needs as a small family, without compromising on our love of design”.

We asked Mia and Thies to showcase our duffel bag on one of their family trips to Ireland. See the results below.

See our workbag inspired by the Uberding family and their travels.

Vx Touring Duffel

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Vx Touring Backpack

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Vx Touring Expandable Large Duffel

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Vx Touring 17''Laptop Backpack

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Vx Touring Expandable 2-in-1 Carry-On Duffel

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Vx Touring Expandable Medium Duffel

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