Tenacity yet constant innovation

Learn from Swiss Chef of the Year, Nenad Mlinarevic, what it takes to become a true master.

Nenad Mlinarevic – Swiss Chef of the Year 2016, awarded two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points

„Hi, I am Nenad“, the Swiss Chef of the Year introduces himself almost a bit shy. No exclamation mark. No affectation. Rather humble. „“The new Swiss Cuisine“ the press titles, „avant-garde local cuisine“​​​​​ gastronomic connoisseurs praise. But Nenad shrugs it off. He says he only cooks what grows in front of the door, and that is nothing new. But of course it is not so simple, although his modesty feels entirely genuine. However that is precisely what distinguishes a maker: he does not need to shout from the rooftops; he simply does what he has to do. He follows his heart. And that’s what’s so fascinating about our „maker“ Nenad Mlinarevic, one of the best chefs in Switzerland.

Be inspired by his captivating character, enchanted by his unrestrained curiosity, seduced by his cuisine– and undeterred by his 12-hour days.

Principle 1: local cuisine

Nenad cooks exclusively with produce from Switzerland. No olive oil. No lobster. A risk in the world of Michelin-starred cuisine. What will the critics say?

Principle 2: craft

Nenad learned his job from the ground up. Gutting fish, boiling stock for days. Discover how much sweat it took to become who he is today.

Principle 3: team power

Cooking with friends, relaxed music, but at the same time iron discipline and a strong hand – get to know Nenad’s management style.

Principle 4: curiosity

How do you manage to achieve an outstanding performance every day? Discover top chef Nenad’s secret and be inspired by his passion.

Explore Nenad Mlinarevic’s cuisine

“I want to capture the essence of my produce,” Nenad says. “For example, one of our dishes is made from 26 different vegetables. Each is prepared in such a way that its flavor is accentuated.” The harmony of the various flavors is also crucial. Nenad complements pumpkin with elderberries; he cooks green lentils in fish stock; he combines duck with apples, transforming the mixture into a small sausage and serving it as a sort of “hot dog” – or rather “hot duck”.

Nenad Mlinarevic’s Michelin-starred cuisine

Nenad Mlinarevic is the “Chef of the Year 2016”; he received this award by restaurant guide Gault Millau at the Park Hotel Vitznau. At 34, he is thus one of the youngest chefs de cuisine in the history of the famous restaurant guide ever to have received this most important award in Swiss gastronomy. His cuisine has also been recognized by the Michelin Guide with two stars and 18 points from Gault Millau.

Nenad Mlinarevic’s restaurant focus

Three years ago, Nenad came to the Park Hotel Vitznau  – a wonderful 5-star hotel in the heart of Switzerland – right on Lake Lucerne and with breathtaking views of the lake and mountains. “At that time, I had chosen the name focus,” says Nenad. “Because I wanted to focus on good cuisine and our guests. But nobody could have known how important this term would become for me. Because only now that we are focusing on local cuisine does the name fit really well.”

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