Made in Switzerland

Innovation, design, functionality and heritage: what does “Made in Switzerland” mean at Victorinox?

Innovation is our Tradition

Some people see tradition and innovation as a contradiction. Not Victorinox – innovation is our tradition and has been ever since we patented the first Swiss Army Knife in 1897. Just as innovation is part of our DNA, so is Switzerland: our home, our inspiration and our heritage. And it’s no coincidence that Switzerland itself is also strongly associated with innovation. 

Here in the Swiss Knife Valley, we take lumps of molten steel and blend with generations of experience to forge knives which are loved the world over. Learn just how we pass on this knowledge to the next generation, as we follow the journey of our cutler apprentice, Fabien. 
We don’t just make knives and knife experts in Switzerland. We make quality watch parts and expertly assemble our watches in Delémont, home of our Watch Competence Center. One of our in-house experts talks to us about constantly striving for innovation in our timepieces, and how the watch strap made of wood seen on our I.N.O.X. Mechanical watches is the first of its kind.
Our fragrances are inspired by Switzerland and to pay tribute to them, we’ve asked the renowned Swiss chef, Rolf Caviezel, to interpret each of our signature scents as a culinary dish, combining quality ingredients in an innovative way to create something beautiful, much as we do with our scents. 
Join us as we explore what “Made in Switzerland” means to us, from the parts we select, to the people who assemble them.