In & Around the City

Sometimes you don’t need to go on holiday to find a summer adventure.

Summer escapes in an urban surrounding

A dedicated city dweller but at the same time a lover of nature and open spaces? We firmly believe in having the best of both worlds, and fully embrace the world of adventure that can be found in the space where the urban meets the outdoors. We consider this attitude to be typically Swiss – the proximity of our major cities to forests, valleys and mountains means the great outdoors is never far away. But it’s equally possibly to take the same mindset and apply it to cities across the globe.

We’ve put together three urban walks which typify our approach – take three of the world’s most iconic and bustling cities, but avoid the crowds and explore the quieter side. See our walks below for more details.

Victorinox products are your ideal companions for your urban to outdoors adventure, thanks to the strong design which means they aren’t out of place in an urban hotspot, or the functionality that means they are indispensable for outdoors activities. Shop our summer urban to outdoor products below:

Summer urban to outdoor products

I.N.O.X. V

white, 37 mm
$ 495.00

Cheese Knife

$ 45.00

Evolution S54

$ 100.00

Swiss Classic Paring Knife Set with Peeler, 3 Pieces

$ 16.00


43 mm
$ 575.00

Urban Walks

New York

Instead of the Statue of Liberty, go surfing in New York.

Hong Kong

Instead of looking up at the dizzying Kowloon skyscrapers, soak up the view beneath you from one of Hong Kong’s highest peaks.


Instead of seeing the Thames from London Bridge, explore a small creative island in the quiet western reaches of the river.

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