Plenty of praise for our product design

Renowned institutions such as the New York Museum of Modern Art have recognized the quality of our design. Read the list of other accolades we have received.

From New York’s MoMa to the Neue Sammlung in Munich – we have fans everywhere

You could be excused for thinking that Victorinox never intended to be on the receiving end of so many accolades. Because back in 1884, it’s likely nobody even thought about the idea of design, or was even familiar with the word. The objective was to integrate as many functions as possible into the smallest area possible. Karl Elsener and his team tinkered and fiddled until they had devised the best possible solution. This solution has withstood the test of time, illustrating how smart products, i.e. good design, have a timeless quality.


Discover which institutions have recognized the timeless quality of our iconic design. We take a bow and express our thanks for these accolades.

Museum of Modern Art, New York

The Victorinox Officer’s Knife has been displayed in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York since 1977.

The Design Museum, London

In 2016, the Tinker pocket knife became part of the permanent exhibition “Designer Maker User” in the London Design Museum.

Neue Sammlung Museum, Munich

The Victorinox Officer’s Knife has been displayed in the permanent collection of the Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich since 1983.

Swiss National Museum, Zurich

In 2010, the Swiss National Museum dedicated an exhibition to the pocket knife, trying to answer the question of how such a simple tool could become a Swiss design icon.

Wallpaper* design magazine, London

The Swiss Army Knife has been called one of the “most significant global design icons” by Wallpaper*, the British design magazine.

Phaidon Design Classics, London

The Swiss Army Knife is featured in the collection of World Design Classics published by the PhaidonPress.

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