The Tiny SwissCard Tool The Design Afficionado

The multi-tool answer to any challenge is the size of a credit card

Stylist Sonya Lennon is an independent professional constantly on the go. As well as running her own fashion label, she is also the stylist on our Victorinox photo shoots, bringing her signature style to the models who sport our watches and travel gear. Already a fan of our brand, Sonya jumped at the chance to collaborate creatively with Victorinox, valuing as she does our commitment to both design and quality.

She relies on the functional, well-designed SwissCard multi-tool to tackle anything that comes up during her day. It’s simple, it’s practical, and its slim, credit-card sized format means you can bring it everywhere with you. Sonya explains the practical reasons why the SwissCard fits so well into her life.


SwissCard Fresh Energy Special Edition 2020

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SwissCard Classic

red transparent
$ 30.00

SwissCard Nailcare

black transparent
$ 38.00

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