Back to School as an Adult Top Tips from an Expert

Considering Returning to Studies?
Here’s What You Need to Know

Back to school doesn’t only mean the end of the summer holidays. It can also be about deciding to return to education after working professionally in your chosen field. Maybe you decide to balance your job with part-time studies, perhaps you want to retrain in a completely new field. Either way, there is a lot of decision making that goes into going back to school. We talk to Thilo Alex Brunner, Associate Professor at ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne who shares his insights on going back to school as a mature student.

Thilo is uniquely placed to discuss the topic. Not only has he been a mature student himself, but he has also taught both students coming straight from BA as well as those returning to studies after professional life. He decide to do a Masters at ECAL after having already started his own design practice, but his own studies at ECAL also led to him becoming a tutor, then Head of Studies and now finally Associate Professor at ECAL, the renowned art school in Lausanne.

Thilo laughs when he remembers his own Masters: “It was an incredibly intense time” he says. “I think I was only able to juggle both work and studying because I had four hours a day on the train, commuting between Zürich and Lausanne. On the train I was able to concentrate on my work as a designer for my clients, and when I arrived in Lausanne, I could completely immerse myself in my studies.”

Watch the video to find out if he still recommends juggling a job and studies for others, plus the differences he sees between younger students and mature students.