20 Mar 2019

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I.N.O.X. Carbon Limited Edition Collection

Resistant. Visible. Lightweight.

I.N.O.X. Carbon is a watch for the fearless. It is rooted in the world of firefighters where strength, performance and high-resistance are natural requisites. The secret behind its robustness lies in carbon composite, tougher yet lighter than steel and used in the space industry to protect shuttles from excessive temperatures. The man who wears this watch knows he has a great companion for all his outdoor and urban activities. Always ready for his next adventure, he never forgets his Swiss Army Knife Rescue Tool along with the other resourceful items available in this limited edition of 1,200 pieces.

Inspired by the firefighting universe and its symbolic yellow and red color code, each item is designed for resistance and high visibility. Handwoven paracord in reflective yellow is the strong material of choice for the eye-catching watch strap and keyring. The firefighter chevron pattern brightly adorns the Swiss Army Knife Rescue Tool, which can be tucked into its belt pouch for practical access. A red Swiss Army Knife strap tool, an interchangeable black watch strap, suitably made of firefighter boot leather, and a black bumper round off this striking collection.

At its core, the watch is a clever fusion of durable materials, reliability and Swiss quality. Not only does its owner rely upon its extreme resistance, but also its functional smartness. He enjoys confidently securing it to his wrist with the easy-closing system, newly designed for extra convenience. When checking the time at night, he appreciates the strong luminosity of the numerals and hands, achieved with high grade Swiss Super-LumiNova®. And he is constantly reminded of firefighters in action thanks to the red and yellow chevron pattern on the second hand, matching his Rescue Tool.

If he is sailing or mountain climbing, he may want to use the black bumper for extra protection. When ready to return to city life, he can transform his watch into an urban accessory with a black strap suitably made of firefighter boot leather.

The I.N.O.X. Carbon Limited Edition Collection is a true tribute to the firefighting spirit of active men who fearlessly set their sights high.

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