18 Jul 2018


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Barbecue for a sweet tooth

S’mores, chocolate bananas, New York Cheesecake, Black Forest Gateau – the sugar lovers have commandeered the grill and there’s no stopping them. That adds the finishing touch to our meal and those warm evenings on the deck can be completed with a sumptuous dessert. However, the crowning culinary glory can also take a simpler, yet no less delicious turn by offering fruit, with a twist.

Pineapple, figs, peaches, melon, pears, etc. – take your pick from the endless choices available and choose whatever feels right as your fruits of the day. For such a sweet finishing touch, whatever heat remains in the embers is usually more than enough, plus it’s very easy to prepare. Simply cut the fruit into slices or put it on little skewers; the fruit should be ripe but still firm, so there are as few drips as possible when they are on the grill. Honey or powdered sugar can add a little sweetness if needed and lemon, lime, or herbs can also add some zest to the flavor. Position the grate at a good distance from the coals and, to be on the safe side, place the fruit delicacies in a foil container – that way you don’t lose any juice or other trimmings such as nuts, chocolate, or cocoa.

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