23 Jun 2018


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Classic barbecue
Get the sizzle...US-style

Sausages, shish kebabs, steaks – all taste great, but somehow far from the sophisticated flavors of a classic Southern barbecue. It doesn’t have so much to do with the cuts of meat you choose; it’s all about the way it’s cooked, so you need to take your time to enjoy a barbecue party.

Whether it’s fish or meat, vegetables or marshmallows, BBQ is prepared with gentle, indirect heat, low temperatures, and wood smoke, which makes everything wonderfully juicy and tender. Must-have items on any shopping list include spare ribs, T-bone steaks, beef brisket, or chicken drumsticks, as well as coleslaw, corn-on-the-cob, potatoes and sour cream, plus a full range of fine sauces. To fire up the grill in style, decent equipment is a must, either a BBQ grill or a smoker; a classic kettle grill will also do the job. To get the full BBQ effect, the grill must have a cover.

Food prep is another crucial element, because unless all of the delicacies on offer have been cut to perfection, they will not develop their full flavor or excite the taste buds. This is where Victorinox steps up to the plate – we will show you the correct knives to use, and other useful kitchen aids, plus we’ll show you the perfect cutting techniques in a clear way that is easy to understand. You can find Part two of our Knife Class here – the topic is Beef Deluxe! Have fun and enjoy your meal

  • Fibrox® Pro Boning Knife

Fibrox® Pro Boning Knife

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  • Fibrox® Pro Kitchen Cleaver

Fibrox® Pro Kitchen Cleaver

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  • Fibrox® Pro Carving Knife

Fibrox® Pro Carving Knife

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  • Fibrox® Pro 8'' Chef’s Knife, Extra Wide

Fibrox® Pro 8'' Chef’s Knife, Extra Wide

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