A Day at the Gotthard

Explore the legendary pass over the Alps and the colorful region surrounding it.

Above the Gotthard

You’ll know this region for its tunnel, a feat of modern engineering and one of the longest tunnels in the world. But in Switzerland, where there is a tunnel below, there is also usually a pass above and the Gotthard Pass is one of our most important routes over the Alps. Instead of racing over the pass on your way south, take the time and explore this culturally rich region. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views, mountain top lakes, an insight into Alpine history and some of Switzerland’s most flavorful cheeses.

8am Breakfast in Andermatt To start the day right, devour a typical Alpine-style breakfast in Andermatt: Birchermüesli, crusty bread and a few pieces of the local mountain cheese. Try Baumann’s Bakery for an authentic version of this fortifying breakfast.
10am Pass Summit The Gotthard Pass is one of the oldest and most important routes that traverses the Alps. From the summit, you can hike to Lago di Lucendro, about a 30-minute hike. From the reservoir, there are numerous trails, including a five hour trail which crosses the Passo di Lucendro.
3pm Gotthard Hospice Back at the summit, take a quick break for a snack and try a mixed Ticino platter and a cold drink. For those interested, it’s worth taking a tour of the Hospice, a European Heritage site which was renovated a few years ago. Goethe, Wagner and numerous other travelers have stayed overnight here.
4pm Sasso San Gottardo

Around the time of WWII, the Swiss Army dug fortresses deep inside the Alps. One of the bunker complexes is now a museum where you can see the biggest rock crystals ever discovered, or take the underground cable car to the former barracks and the old artillery placements built to defend the pass.

6pm The Tremola Road The serpentine curves of this cobbled road date back to 1830. This narrow bottleneck used to be the only road over the pass, until the Gotthard Tunnel opened in 1980, leaving this road free for leisure travelers. For a truly bone-shaking experience, travel to Airolo by bike or in a vintage car.
7pm The Caseificio Show Dairy Caseificio del Gottardo is both a working show dairy and a museum, where the history and techniques of cheesemaking in the region are revealed. Observe the cheesemakers at work before shopping for some delicious regional cheese specialities to take home with you.


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