Vegetables are all-rounders Knife School – Part 1

How to cut vegetables

Vegetables are all-rounders. And with the sharp knives from Victorinox you can cut them into perfect shapes.

Step 1

Cut off the end of the root with a sharp knife. Take care to ensure you do not remove the stalk so that the onion does not fall apart later.

Step 2

Score the onion lengthways and remove the brown skin.Cut the onion in half lengthways down the middle and place one half on the chopping board with the cut surface downwards.

Step 3

Now cut the onion into thin strips along the grain.Take care to ensure that the strips are still attached at the stalk.

Step 4

Turn the onion 90 degrees and cut it into equal-sized thin strips once more. Discard the base of the stalk. You now have a perfectly diced onion!
It is no fun cutting vegetables without a sharp knife! With the Santoku knife you get perfectly diced onion in no time.The Santoku sits excellently in the hand due to its ergonomic handle. The tomato knife with its wavy edge always slices cleanly, even on the smooth surface of ripe tomatoes.

Swiss Classic Santoku Knife, fluted edge

light green
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Swiss Modern Santoku Knife

Walnut wood
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Grand Maître Santoku Knife, fluted edge

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Fibrox® Pro Santoku Knife

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Swiss Classic Tomato and Table Knife

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