Knife School – Part 5 Wild game at its best!

Knife master class for rabbit and hare

With the right size of non-slip cutting board, a Victorinox carving knife and carving fork, and of course a first-class rabbit or hare, you have all the ingredients for a delicious new project. Follow our step-by-step instructions here and learn how to properly prepare rabbit and hare. Bon appetit!

Step 1

A hare is always offered pre-skinned, but often still contains the liver, kidneys, and sometimes even the head. Separate the head between the neck bones with a slaughter knife and then carefully cut the internal organs out of the abdominal cavity using a rabbit knife.

Step 2

Place the hare on its back, count down four ribs, and cut with the boning knife from that point down to the spine. Then chop or saw the hare in two at that spot.

Step 3

Hold the already separated meat away from the backbone with one hand and separate the remaining meat from the ribs with small, zigzag cuts.

Step 4

Pull the front legs apart, splaying them from the front, and chop the spine lengthwise to create two equal parts.
Victorinox boning knives are indispensable aids in removing bones and skin from the meat. The best knife for boning a wild hare is the rabbit knife. The Victorinox slaughter knife is perfect for butchering. The stainless steel blade is exceptionally sharp and very durable. For chopping, the slaughter knife can be used together with a rubber hammer. This way you can chop the bones of the hare without splitting them.

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