Raw art with fresh Fish Knife School – Part 2

How to cut Fish

Anyone can cut up a ready filleted fish on the plate. But it takes a little practice to cut a fresh fish into fillets – and most of all sharp knives from Victorinox.

Step 1

First cut the head from the body behind the gills with a carving knife.

Then cut the fish with a filleting knife from the front to the tip of the tail along the backbone, separating off the top half.

Step 2

Now also separate the ventral (stomach) bones from the fillet with this knife.

You can pull out the remaining bones from the fillet later with tweezers from a Victorinox pocket knife.

Step 3

Remove the fatty stomach flaps by cutting them carefully along the fillet.

Then also remove the base of the fin and the fat from the backbone.

Step 4

It is also best if you cut the fillet from the skin using the filleting knife.

To do so, work forwards from the tail towards the head.

Hold the skin tightly with your free hand to make this easier.

Finally, you can divide the fish fillets into portions using a salmon knife.

To separate the head from the backbone, it is best to use a carving knife from Victorinox with its 20-cm-long, tapered blade that is sharpened on both sides.
The fillet knife from Victorinox is thin and has an extra-flexible blade that adjusts to the contours of the bones while you cut.
Fresh and smoked fish can also be cut into wafer-thin slices using the salmon knife.
The knife’s fluted edge prevents the fish from sticking to the blade.

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