Inspired by Warriors’ Stories

The Wounded Warrior Collection

The Wounded Warrior Collection

As a continuation of our partnership with Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP), Victorinox Swiss Army wanted to extend the program this year to allow warriors who are not artists to collaborate on new designs. We have partnered with the United States Veterans’ Artists Alliance (USVAA) and matched each warrior with a veteran artist to translate the warriors’ stories into a design. The result? Two beautiful Tinker Swiss Army Knives with meaningful artwork and that support a great cause.

For every WWP Swiss Army Knife sold through June 2021, Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. will donate 5% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price directly to WWP. Victorinox Swiss Army is also donating $10,000 to the USVAA to support Veteran Artists.

Jeffrey Adams, Wounded Warrior, 1LT U.S. Army National Guard, Retired, was partnered with Veteran Artist Trevor Denham, a member of the USVAA, to translate her story onto a knife design. Trevor Denham served as CPL in the United States Marine Corps 0311.

"I don't adapt to life. I make life adapt to me."

Donna’s Knife depicts a story of her recovery. After sustaining multiple injuries during her time in Iraq, Donna began to feel hopeless. Two years later a friend invited her to attend a wheelchair basketball camp and she felt reborn. It was then that she began to pursue adaptive sports. From hand biking in the WWP Soldier Ride, to basketball, to archery, of which she is a certified instructor, Donna doesn’t let her injuries slow her down. Instead of adapting to life, she makes life adapt to her. She works with WWP to share her experiences with other injured service members so they too can find how adaptive sports can change their lives.

"Keep Moving Forward."

Jeffrey’s Knife depicts a story of his recovery. While serving in Iraq, Jeffrey was hit by a land mine while looking for improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and sustained multiple injuries, including the amputation of one of his legs. Jeffrey believes that injured warriors are rendered stronger by their experiences and does not let his injury hold him back. The design shows a soldier with a prosthetic leg standing tall, representing the importance of moving forward. He says, “If you can change something, do it. If you can’t change it, then accept it and move on. It’s easier said than done. But things are what you make of them. You just have to keep moving forward.”
Donna and Jeffrey returned to the North American Headquarters to see their designs printed and were able to customize their own knife.

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Moving Forward
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Tinker Wounded Warrior

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