The celebrated Alox scales have reached a near cult status, thanks to their unique surface which is pleasing to both hand and eye. The appeal of Alox is in its merging of aesthetics with functionality – its attractive embossed surface make the knife both lightweight and easy to grip, and the hardened oxide layer helps to protect against damage and corrosion.

After being punched from aluminium and embossed, Alox scales go through a process called Eloxal which uses anodic oxidation to create a protective layer. It is this final layer which allows for the colouring of the scales.

Alox has a strong significance in the history of Victorinox. First introduced for the Pioneer knife in 1957, Alox was a key feature of the Soldier’s Knife which was redesigned in 1961 and used until 2008. Today, we issue a Classic pocketknife with Alox scales in a different color every year. These limited edition knives are highly sought-after by design afficionados and collectors, showing the true timeless appeal of this iconic material.

Victorinox and Nespresso

To make the Alox scales, used Nespresso capsules must be melted down and then cast. We wanted to be absolutely certain that the molten material could stand up to our stringent high quality standards, so we carried out numerous tests in our development laboratory, ensuring that the new material would be stable, durable and fitting all design requirements.

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