Get Inspired by Our Travel Workbags for All Kinds of Traveler

If you plan to hit the road this summer, get inspired by our travel workbags. Whether you are an active adventurer, a keen sportsman, an environmentally responsible nomad, or simply a lover of both the great outdoors and excellent design, we have got you covered.

The Active Adventurer

For those who travel a lot for both business and pleasure. Your work days see you presenting at a trade fair or meeting suppliers to discuss the latest innovations in your field, but your free time is dedicated to nature: you spend it fishing in the wild, mountain climbing or Alpine skiing.


red transparent

Swiss Classic Paring Knife Set with Peeler, 3 Pieces


Altmont Active Lightweight Compact Backpack

¥ 12,000

Swiss Army Rock Eau de Toilette

100 ml
¥ 10,000

The Keen Sportsman

Your fitness is your life, and possibly even your job too. You travel a lot but staying in shape is a priority and being away from home won’t get in the way of your training goals.

Vx Touring Duffel

¥ 22,000

Ranger Grip 179

¥ 7,500

Grand Maître Chef's Set, 3 pieces

¥ 38,000


green, 43 mm
¥ 79,000

Swiss Army Classic Sport Eau de Toilette

100 ml

The Sustainable Nomads

Travel is your true passion. You love connecting with people, savoring stunning scenery, learning about new cultures and traditions, whilst staying true to your beliefs. Traveling sustainably is a must for you – the slower the journey, the richer your experiences!

Skipper Pro

¥ 9,800

Allrounder Cutting Board Small

¥ 2,500

Swiss Classic Santoku Knife, fluted edge

light green
¥ 6,300

I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium

blue, 45 mm
¥ 105,000

Altmont Active Lightweight Expandable Backpack

Dark Teal
¥ 15,000

The Lover of Travel and Design

You are equally at home in the happening bar of a fun city as you are camping or hiking. And you need luggage that is as versatile as you are. For you, luggage has to be durable, practical and functional, but it’s pretty important that it still looks good!

Evolution Wood 17

Walnut wood
¥ 6,720

Vx Touring Backpack


Swiss Army Altitude Eau de Toilette

100 ml

Maverick Chronograph

black, 43 mm
¥ 76,000