Victorinox 麵包和烘焙刀

有人說麵包是生命–我們同意。事實上,烘焙食品一般是讓人生變得更甜蜜的關鍵。若要令這份喜悅延續,您會想有合適的工具協助您。Victorinox 麵包和烘焙刀系列中的所有產品都有極佳的手感、外形美觀、助您每次輕鬆下廚。其人體工學手柄提供舒適手感及握感,而其優質結構會讓您享受一生使用它們。

Bread and Baking Knives (10)



  • 手柄物料
  • 廚具系列
  • Swiss Modern 麵包和糕點刀

Swiss Modern 麵包和糕點刀

胡桃, 22 cm
HKD 780 HKD 780
  • Swiss Classic 麵包及糕點刀

Swiss Classic 麵包及糕點刀

黑色, 22 cm
HKD 350 HKD 350
  • SwissClassic 麵包刀
  • SwissClassic 麵包刀
  • SwissClassic 麵包刀
  • SwissClassic 麵包刀
  • SwissClassic 麵包刀

SwissClassic 麵包刀

黑色, 21 cm
HKD 300 HKD 300
  • Grand Maître 麵包刀

Grand Maître 麵包刀

紅木, 23 cm
HKD 1,250 HKD 1,250
  • Fibrox 糕點刀

Fibrox 糕點刀

黑色, 26 cm
HKD 350 HKD 350
  • Grand Maître 鍛造麵包刀

Grand Maître 鍛造麵包刀

黑色, 23 cm
HKD 1,060 HKD 1,060
  • Swiss Classic 糕點刀

Swiss Classic 糕點刀

黑色, 26 cm
HKD 420 HKD 420
  • 抹刀


HKD 340 HKD 340
  • 糕點刀


紅木, 26 cm
HKD 480 HKD 480
  • 麵包刀


紅木, 21 cm
HKD 390 HKD 390

What does Victorinox’ smithery have in common with the highest level of culinary art? Both constantly refine proven techniques and traditional recipes. And both strive for perfection. Chefs look for absolute harmony when it comes to taste and consistency. So for our kitchen knives, we at Victorinox look for ideal ergonomics, extreme durability and, of course, the perfect cut. And just like a delicious dish, really good bread knives and pastry knives are simply a wonderful pleasure.

Learn why our knives are such an enjoyment in the kitchen.

Universal knives: Victorinox bread knives and pastry knives are generalists with a lot of tenacity. Whether it is the rich crust of crispy-baked bread or delightful smelling roast, creamy tart and crunchy pastries or thick fruit and vegetables such as melon and pumpkin: Our strong blades "crack" the hard shell and work effortlessly through any resistance.

Optimal application of force: Our bread knives with their finely serrated blade allow for non-slip cutting through crispy crust and the soft crumb under it. Thanks to this, unnecessary pressure is avoided; the fine-pored inside remains intact, and even very thin slices can be cut off the loaf with precision.

Multi-purpose application: Pastry knives with their long, rounded blades are ideal for slicing cakes and pastries and for spreading and smoothing icing. The saw provides clean, non-stick cuts through any type of pastry, from shortcrust to sponge cake. The knives can easily replace a spatula; however, real baking professionals swear by both. If you don’t have either of them at hand, you can also use a bread knife.

Guaranteed longevity: Whether made of durable plastic, with a classic black hard shell or classy Rosewood—the preferred handle design is purely a matter of taste and type preference. Victorinox bread knives and pastry knives are all carefully finished, robust and durable. They are made for you to enjoy for many years to come.