Victorinox 廚刀組合和刀座

每個廚師的驕傲和歡樂就在於他們的一系列廚刀。因此當您需要升級至更高性能的廚具時,Victorinox 為身為廚師的您提供一系列選擇。我們的廚刀和餐刀既優質又容易保養,並採用高質素的物料及歷久常新的設計。而且我們的刀座能夠安全地儲存刀具,同時又隋時伸手可及。

Knife Sets and Blocks (25)



  • 手柄物料
  • 廚具系列
  • 瑞士现代系列切肉刀 2 件套

瑞士现代系列切肉刀 2 件套

HKD 1,380 HKD 1,380
  • Fibrox 抽屜式刀具收納架

Fibrox 抽屜式刀具收納架

HKD 2,200 HKD 2,200
  • Swiss Classic 刀座
  • Swiss Classic 刀座

Swiss Classic 刀座

HKD 790 HKD 790
  • Swiss Modern 刀座

Swiss Modern 刀座

HKD 980 HKD 980
  • Swiss Modern 6 件裝刀座組合

Swiss Modern 6 件裝刀座組合

HKD 4,680 HKD 4,680
  • 花梨木牛排刀套裝,2 件裝

花梨木牛排刀套裝,2 件裝

紅木, 14 cm
HKD 560 HKD 560
  • 花梨木廚具套裝,2 件裝

花梨木廚具套裝,2 件裝

HKD 750 HKD 750
  • 花梨木切肉刀套裝,2 件裝

花梨木切肉刀套裝,2 件裝

HKD 700 HKD 700
  • Swiss Classic 蔬果廚刀及餐刀套裝,6 件裝
  • Swiss Classic 蔬果廚刀及餐刀套裝,6 件裝

Swiss Classic 蔬果廚刀及餐刀套裝,6 件裝

藍色, 11 cm
HKD 360 HKD 360
  • Swiss Classic 牛排刀套裝,6 件裝
  • Swiss Classic 牛排刀套裝,6 件裝

Swiss Classic 牛排刀套裝,6 件裝

黑色, 11 cm
HKD 360 HKD 360
  • Swiss Classic 切肉刀套裝,2 件裝

Swiss Classic 切肉刀套裝,2 件裝

HKD 570 HKD 570
  • Swiss Classic 牛排及薄餅刀組合,4 件裝

Swiss Classic 牛排及薄餅刀組合,4 件裝

HKD 680 HKD 680
  • Grand Maître 廚刀刀座組合,6 件裝

Grand Maître 廚刀刀座組合,6 件裝

HKD 5,230 HKD 5,230
  • Grand Maître 廚師刀套裝,3 件裝

Grand Maître 廚師刀套裝,3 件裝

HKD 2,580 HKD 2,580
  • Grand Maître 切肉刀套裝,2 件裝

Grand Maître 切肉刀套裝,2 件裝

HKD 1,990 HKD 1,990
  • Grand Maître 牛排刀套裝,4 件裝

Grand Maître 牛排刀套裝,4 件裝

紅木, 12 cm
HKD 2,690 HKD 2,690
  • 花梨木刀座,11 件裝

花梨木刀座,11 件裝

HKD 3,990 HKD 3,990
  • Swiss Classic 抽屜式刀具收納架

Swiss Classic 抽屜式刀具收納架

HKD 1,650 HKD 1,650
  • 瑞士地圖廚具套裝、2 件裝

瑞士地圖廚具套裝、2 件裝

light brown / black
HKD 550 HKD 550
  • Swiss Classic 3 件裝削皮刀具組與削皮器
  • Swiss Classic 3 件裝削皮刀具組與削皮器

Swiss Classic 3 件裝削皮刀具組與削皮器

HKD 170 HKD 170
  • Swiss Classic 3 件裝削皮刀組

Swiss Classic 3 件裝削皮刀組

HKD 160 HKD 160
  • Swiss Classic 多用途刀,6 種功能

Swiss Classic 多用途刀,6 種功能

HKD 750 HKD 750
  • Swiss Classic 削皮刀套裝

Swiss Classic 削皮刀套裝

HKD 210 HKD 210
  • Swiss Classic 刀座
  • Swiss Classic 刀座

Swiss Classic 刀座

HKD 390 HKD 390
  • Swiss Classic 11 件裝刀座組合

Swiss Classic 11 件裝刀座組合

HKD 2,790 HKD 2,790

How do you keep an overview in the kitchen and optimize the selection of equipment? A good idea is to find out which utensils are required for a solid basic equipment while trusting experienced experts for hints and tips. With a knife set or a knife block by Victorinox, you are always well-advised and perfectly equipped. We are happy to tell you why.

Solid basic equipment: With an intelligently compiled knife set, you are ready for all tasks at the stove and the kitchen counter and well-positioned for anything kitchen. You have all important kitchen helpers right by your side and a selected combination available at the grab of your hand.

Clear arrangement: A compact knife block ensures an organized and appropriate storage. It protects the knives from the dust and abrasion created in unorganized drawer messes when rubbing against other utensils. Everything has its safe place and the knives are always at hand and ready for use.

Easy distinction: Colorful handles bring color into the kitchen and give each knife its own identity. Soon you will be able to know at one glance what you need and will pull the right helper out of the knife block in next to no time.

Attractive eye catcher: High-quality materials, best workmanship and excellent design make every Victorinox knife block a timelessly beautiful object. Visually and functionally enhancing every kitchen.