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Nous avons créé une large gamme d’accessoires de voyage pour rester organisé et prêt à tout lors de vos déplacements. Depuis les trousses de toilette légèrement plus grandes jusqu’aux cadenas et étiquettes d’identification pour vos bagages, en passant par les porte-documents fonctionnels, nos designs astucieux vous simplifient la vie et font de chaque voyage un plaisir. Que vous exploriez le monde ou que vous preniez simplement les transports pour vous rendre au travail, chaque détail compte.

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  • Lexicon Parcel

Lexicon Parcel

noir, 7 l
  • Lexicon Truss

Lexicon Truss

noir, 8 l
  • Kit de toilette à suspendre

Kit de toilette à suspendre

  • Victoria Muse

Victoria Muse

Deep Lake, 4 l
  • Kit de voyage Zip-Around

Kit de voyage Zip-Around

noir, 4 l
  • Kit de toilette Slimline

Kit de toilette Slimline

noir, 2 l
  • Kit Overnight Essentials

Kit Overnight Essentials

noir, 1 l
  • Packmaster petit modèle

Packmaster petit modèle

  • Packmaster modèle standard

Packmaster modèle standard

  • Gear Sling avec protection RFID

Gear Sling avec protection RFID

noir, 8 l
  • Sac banane Orbital
  • Sac banane Orbital
  • Sac banane Orbital

Sac banane Orbital

noir, 3 l
  • Ceinture sécurisée Deluxe avec protection RFID

Ceinture sécurisée Deluxe avec protection RFID

  • Pochette sécurisée Deluxe avec protection RFID

Pochette sécurisée Deluxe avec protection RFID

  • Organisateur de voyage avec protection RFID
  • Organisateur de voyage avec protection RFID

Organisateur de voyage avec protection RFID

  • Étui pour passeport avec protection RFID
  • Étui pour passeport avec protection RFID

Étui pour passeport avec protection RFID

  • Padfolio professionnel

Padfolio professionnel

  • Parapluie automatique

Parapluie automatique


Travel accessories
Clever items that will quickly become essentials

It’s in our nature to give deep thought to everything that we do, thinking it all through to the end. It’s almost self-explanatory then, why the Victorinox travel equipment family continues its steady growth and travel accessories have now become fully-fledged members of our extended family. What’s more, we recognize there is always more than a single solution to many of the challenges we face and this is what motivates us to continuously expand and optimize the Victorinox portfolio. We want to ensure our product range satisfies all your needs while on the go, you always find exactly what you are looking for, and we provide you with excellent service every step of the way.

Cosmetics and personal care: Toothbrush, shaving gear, sleeping mask, make-up and brushes, cream and shower lotion, first aid set – a toiletry kit keeps you organized and is an essential travel companion. Whether it’s a classic toiletry bag, a spacious beauty case or a practical tri-fold, whether extra small or extra large – our smart storage arrangements and adequate capacity help you stay tidy and well organized, while the lining is easy to clean and hygienic. So for every new adventure, your toiletry bag looks just as clean and fresh as the precious cargo stored inside.

iPad and electronic devices: Let’s be honest – we don’t leave home without them; iPhone, tablet, etc. have become loyal travel companions that never leave our side. In recognition of this new normal, we have developed the Gear Sling, a monosling shoulder bag with RFID protection, perfect for carefree day trips with all your personal data safely protected from unauthorized access. Individual compartments help to keep chaos at bay, the padded shoulder strap lightens the load and ensures a comfortable carry, even over long distances.

Document holder and padfolio: IDs, driver’s license and credit cards, work documents and a notepad – our passion for developing bespoke solutions now extends to protecting your important personal or business documents while on the road, or just as important, in day-to-day situations. It allows you to securely store and transport the things you need to use on a regular basis and gives you peace of mind, knowing they will not be lost or fall into the wrong hands.

Security pouch and security belt: Sometimes it makes sense to carry cash and documents securely protected on your person, instead of becoming a tempting target for pickpockets. And even if you personally have nothing to hide, the Victorinox Deluxe Security Pouch and the Victorinox Deluxe Security Belt will stay hidden under your clothing, keeping your valuables safe.

TSA security: TSA locks are special combination locks for cases and travel gear that can be opened by security staff at airports or customs using a special key, in order to carry out any necessary security checks without the owner being present and without damaging the luggage. They can be identified by the red and white diamond logo of the manufacturer Travel Sentry. Whether it’s a TSA lock or a luggage belt, it is a purchase that is especially recommended for travelers to the USA, although the system is now also in use in many other countries.

PakMaster: If organization is half the battle, the PakMaster puts you on the front foot in the fight against wrinkled clothing, keeping shirts, pants, blouses and blazers reliably wrinkle-free, and with a flexible range of sizes, it’s your go-to partner for carry-ons, cases, and backpacks. This ingenious, practical travel accessory helps you get organized and makes packing child’s play.

Enjoy the personal touch at Victorinox: Although of course you can purchase all of our travel equipment and accessories in our online shop, you are always welcome to pay us a personal visit any time at one of our Victorinox Flagship Stores. Enjoy the personal touch, browse around, allow our well-trained customer service staff helps you with any questions, and let our quality products inspire you to seek new adventures.