17 feb 2013

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Swiss Unlimited Energy

This eau de cologne from the Swiss Unlimited range is the perfect fragrance for all men who love sports, and is the perfect companion for all activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Unique in modern perfumery, Energy comes in a luxurious flexible and functional high-density soft-touch flacon. Combining flexibility and fashionable design, this fragrance is a true companion for athletes. You can easily carry it around in your sports bag: lighter than glass and highly resistant to breakage, it will quickly become a must-have. The carabiner hook is one of its key elements, allowing you to casually hook it onto your bag at the gym for an ultra-cool look. Combined with the ON/OFF cap, it is the signature look of the Swiss Unlimited line. These are the kind of cool and clever ideas that customers have come to expect from Victorinox.

The masculine cologne by Victorinox is textured and modern, delivering a fresh splash of sensuality and limitless energy. This scent within the Swiss Unlimited family features a clear signature. With an exhilarating composition, the sporty, edgy and avant-garde scent appeals to adrenaline seekers with an innate need to excel. The result is a very seductive cologne tailored to every man’s fragrance wardrobe.

The 150 ml / 5.0 fl. oz. of incredible freshness allows you to apply it generously to your body, letting you experience its boundless vivifying emotion. It opens like a burst of energy that awakens all the senses, which is followed by the authentic masculinity of lavender. These are intensified by spicy vibrations of nutmeg, giving you the power to surpass your limits. Finally, its refined and sensual signature is revealed with powerful notes of cedarwood slightly enveloped by warm amber and comforting musk.

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