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Diseñar un reloj para dama es un verdadero arte: hemos creado una caja hecha de acero inoxidable y le dimos un efecto cepillado con efecto rayos de sol de alta calidad. Asimismo, hemos hecho la caja más fina y ligera, pero también más duradera al mismo tiempo. Y hemos refinado de manera continua nuestro diseño hasta que nos aseguramos de haber creado algo clásico. Para nosotros, un reloj de lujo para dama vale el esfuerzo. Porque sabemos que nada menos podría hacerle justicia a la usuaria.

Descubra qué distingue el diseño icónico y qué se revela más allá de la pura superficie y los detalles interiores del elegante reloj para dama Victorinox, un compañero confiable a largo plazo. Todos estos puntos de valor merecen unas palabras.

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Timeless Elegance and Reliable Style:
The Soul of a Victorinox Swiss Ladies’ Watch

Item of jewelry, sports partner, fashionable accessory – an exclusive wristwatch serves many different functions and ideally each and every one of them with bravura. The woman of the world cannot be easily defined in terms of her type and she knows how to convince with a surprising richness of facets. Beautiful women’s watches from Victorinox are self-confident individualists, created for eternity so that they far outlast any passing trend, and are timelessly beautiful. Reliable and durable in character, distinguished in the soul by traditional values and in design by genuine watchmakers’ craftsmanship. We would like to describe in greater detail what makes a women’s watch from Victorinox tick, what added value that creates specifically and what also distinguishes its exclusivity.

Masterful design – with individual details: Elegant, classic, or sporty – Swiss women’s watches from Victorinox represent a wide range of styles and are also extremely changeable in appearance. Each of the three collections, Alliance, Maverick, and I.N.O.X., is presented with a robust basic character and clever palette of individual variables that give an unmistakable personality to every single model. Whether it’s a double-layered strap in leather, a dial with moon phase display or a colored case – even the slightest shift of accent can create an impressive variation of type and give the women’s watch a different statement.

Precise analog quartz movement – for lasting reliability: All women’s luxury watches from Victorinox are equipped with a high-performance quartz movement made in Switzerland that will work reliably and is absolutely hard-wearing. The mechanism is based on quartz crystals that are set in motion by electrical impulses and so drive the step motor connected to the hands. It is recommended that the battery be replaced every twelve to eighteen months to ensure lasting precision. Careful handling and proper care will also contribute to lasting enjoyment, and servicing by an authorized specialist dealer is included. Because professional service is part of our understanding of exclusivity and reliability is an integral component of our brand.

Selected materials – for a long service life: Stainless steel case (316L) made in Switzerland, triple-coated non-reflective sapphire crystal glass, bracelets made from high-quality stainless steel or straps made from leather, rubber, or textiles – Victorinox brand wristwatches will defy the adversities of everyday life with resistance. All sensitive parts are securely protected against external factors, which make them resistant to dust and scratches, impact and shocks. Whether as part of a business suit or on the sports field, in the mountains, in the water or out in the desert – this women’s luxury watch from Victorinox will keep impeccable time.

Unmistakable style – with the subtle magic of the extraordinary: Discreet elegance, a calm lust for adventure, uncomplicated sportiness – a Victorinox elegant women’s watch cultivates confident understatement, while remaining feminine and reliably to the point at all times. Its secret lies in the sophistication that makes every woman irresistible: glamorous and attracting attention without putting on airs.

Timeless elegance – created for eternity: Every Victorinox wristwatch is a product of extensive research and development, and as such is an ambassador for our brand. Whether it’s a men’s or women’s luxury watch, our striving for perfection is carried by the motivation to give time its own dimension and develop solutions that will last for generations. Because the retention of value is a fundamental form of sustainability and a watch is also a popular heirloom that a family passes down from one generation to the next.

Victorinox Swiss ladies’ watches – ordering online: The women of today generally know very precisely what they want, and that’s why every wristwatch from Victorinox is available in different versions and is also flexible in terms of its functions. Restrained simplicity or self-confident color, with a bracelet in stainless steel or a strap in leather, rubber, or textiles: compare the different ranges, set the filters to your personal preferences and choose the model and variant that perfectly suit you and your expectations. Browse in peace and comfort – in our shop window online, at a Victorinox flagship store, or at an authorized specialist dealer.