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Designing the next Classic pocket knife

At Victorinox we love fresh and undiscovered ideas. That’s why we started the annual Victorinox Design Contest, where fans and design lovers can submit their ideas for the new Classic Limited Edition knives.

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Classic Limited Edition Design Contest 2020: the Briefing

Each year, our design contest has a specific theme. The theme for the 2020 collection is “Sports of the World”. We invite you to submit designs which show your favorite sport on the 58 mm Classic pocket knife. We welcome as much diversity as possible but it should be something that is recognizable for everyone around the world.

Your design must unmistakably show something from the world of sports. Here are some possible directions:

  • A popular global sport or something that is practiced only in your country
  • An individual sport or a team sport
  • Sports equipment – something that is immediately associated with a particular sport (e.g. a tennis racket)
  • Not just the physical but also the emotional aspect of sport.

Just like Victorinox, your design should be creative, iconic and emotional. We are looking for something truly unique and inspiring.

End of the submission period

We received 2’155 design ideas from 62 countries worldwide. A big thank you to all designers for their creative, stunning and funny designs. Global voting starts September 11th, where you have the chance to decide which 10 designs will become part of the Classic Limited Edition 2020 collection and will be available as of next year worldwide.

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Discover the Classic Limited Edition 2019

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Sardine Can

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Alps Cheese

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Mexican Tacos

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Chili Peppers

Classic Limited Edition 2019

When Life Gives You Lemons

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Burger Bar

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Swiss Mountain Dinner

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Banana Split

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Gingerbread Love

Classic Limited Edition 2019

Let it Pop

Meet the Designers

Pavlina, Greece

“I chose to focus on camping food because it can be so delicious! When you have tasty food, it makes you love camping so much that you never want to go home. Whether you choose to feast on a spicy stew with beans and Swiss chard, or a tasty barbecue, no camping trip is complete without a Swiss Army Knife!”
Designers's Profile

Luis, Mexico

“My design was inspired by a classic food of my beloved Mexico city, the well-known Tacos al Pastor (tortilla with marinated pork meat and a combination of dried chilies, spices and pineapple) I'm so proud of my roots and my culture, and this is the best way to show this! I am also the designer behind the Banana Split design.”
Designers's Profile

Andrei, New Zealand

“I love the duality of lemons: too sour to be eaten by itself but magical when used in cooking. Regardless of where you are born, lemons will be sour for everyone, the only thing that matters is what you do with them. For my design, I sought inspiration in Art Nouveau and 17th-century botanical drawings.”
Designers's Profile

From the beginning, we have collaborated with Jovoto, an open innovation platform. On jovoto.com, people from over 150 countries solve creative challenges. We partnered with a similar platform, Huaban, to run the competition for our Chinese fans and designers.

A few numbers from the Victorinox Design Contest 2019

  • Submitted ideas 2380
  • Participating countries 53
  • Pre-selected ideas 100
  • Numbers of winners 10
  • Number of voters 14'000
  • Prize money 37,950 Euro

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