Enjoying every day's adventures

The Urban Outdoors movement is proving that while living and working in the city you can still connect to the open air.
Kit Bags

Spring / Summer 2016

At Victorinox we are celebrating this movement with our Spring/Summer 16 collection and a range of limited-edition products for everyday adventure.

Test your city limits with Victorinox

The Urban Outdoors life blurs the lines between work, leisure, exercise and social life, and spans a number of activities, including urban walking and fishing, gourmet foraging and mindfulness. For each of these mini adventures, we have put together a Victorinox Essential Kit Bag, containing items that work especially well for that activity. Now all you have to do is get out there and have fun.

Discover the new video

What’s on your doorstep? Let our campaign video for our spring/summer 2016 collection inspire you.
A walk through New York
Walk through London
Walk through Hong Kong
The traveler