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We believe in craft just as much as in cutting edge technology. Explore our products and meet people that relentlessly combine the two.

Inside, the movie will keep playing for a long time

Victorinox employee Andrea Maier thrives on adventure. Both at work and during her time off. That’s why during her vacation she’ll even take part in a rally, driving an old car from Germany via Tbilisi right across Turkey – on country roads.

Swisschamp Gottardo Limited Edition 2016

With more than 20,000 steps in the work process and 2,500 workers, building the Gotthard Base Tunnel over 15 years has been a complex project, and one that required precision and close collaboration from all sides. Continuous adjustments to the process were essential to creating one of the greatest tunnels in history.

Pioneer X Damast Limited Edition 2016

Just when you thought the Pioneer X couldn't get any tougher, we upgraded the blade from the standard 1.4116 steel to Damast steel with 150 layers.