Paracord Strap

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Key features

  • Handwoven from the same type of nylon cord used for parachute suspension lines
  • The seven strands can be unraveled to build a shelter or to weave a fishing net
  • Sold with an exclusive Swiss Army Knife featuring a special blade for attaching the strap to the watch
Item number V.60022
Collection I.N.O.X. Accessories

Handwoven Strap Made of Nylon Cord

Meet our Paracord Strap – the next generation in adventure accessory. This adept multitasker has evolved from pioneering watchstrap to stand-alone travel tool. Developed in collaboration with the intrepid Swedish brand Naimakka, it's handwoven from superior strength nylon cord used in parachute suspension lines. When unraveled, the seven intricately woven strands can weave a fishing net, build a shelter or replace a shoelace.



Net weight 29 g


Bracelet color black 
Lug width 21 mm


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