Progress is powered by ideas

It’s a huge leap from a nice idea to a world-class product. Find out why Victorinox sometimes even rejects smart ideas

From an idea to a finished product

Winemaster, Hunter, Skipper, Adventurer, Forester, Picknicker – over the years, we have added many practical new functions to our “Original Swiss Army Knife” – which has enabled the continuous growth of our product family. With passion and attention to detail, we focus on finding attractive new solutions to meet the daily challenges that life throws at us. We apply this same focus to our pocket knives and to the entire Victorinox product range. The ideas for these solutions are not just brainstormed by our teams of engineers. We source our creative inspiration from all over the world. It is a long, complex path from idea to finished product and we set the highest standards every step of the way. Only the very best make the grade and are good enough to be brought to market.

Good idea? We’ll take a look at it...

Need, function and feasibility are the initial questions that get asked of every new product idea. And it’s when we delve into these questions more deeply that many promising ideas simply come up short. That’s what happened to ideas like rulers and combs, lip balm or sunscreen sticks. Sometimes there wasn’t enough space to integrate a fully functional tool, and other times there was a lack of product stability or refill options. If a solution is anything less than perfect, it is rejected.
Spectra Expandable Baggage designed for the needs of travelers: This hard shell suitcase can be expanded by 47%.
I.N.O.X. Paracord Simply untie the innovative Paracord bracelet and the handy, tear-resistant cord is ready to use.
SwissCard The Swiss Army Knife in a brand new design, but with the same proven functionality.
Victorinox Ella Eau de Toilette Perfume packaging can also be functional: for example, with a handy mirror for on the go.

We are committed to our brand

Our heritage as an iconic Swiss brand is a guarantee for quality and dependability – as well as for excellence in innovation and a pioneering spirit. We carefully nurture this rich heritage, yet remain driven by our curiosity to discover and meet new challenges. The enduring values of the Swiss Army Knife are at the core of every Victorinox product, where quality, functionality, innovation and design blend seamlessly together to create a loyal and trusted companion for every situation.

Every product has a story to tell

Pocket knives, kitchen knives, watches, travel gear and fragrances: Our extended family of products all have a story to tell and we have some special favorites we’d love to share with you. For example, how the mini screwdriver found its way into the corkscrew. Why the Winemaster is seriously superior to a conventional corkscrew. Why the renowned Lausanne University of Art and Design, known as ECAL, got involved with our watches. Or what we have in common with Heidi and Piroska Szönye, the artist from the Graubünden region.

What is the world really waiting for?

Advancement thrives on creative inspiration and productive collaboration: Do you also have an inspiring new idea or suggestion? Share it with us: Submit a short description to “My Victorinox product idea.” We’d love to hear from you!


Wine Master

Walnut wood

I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium

black, 45 mm

Spectra 2.0 Expandable Medium Case


SwissCard Nailcare

ice-blue translucent

Victorinox Ella Eau de Toilette

75 ml

I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium

gray, 45 mm
The traditional skill of knifemaking
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Progress is powered by ideas
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